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AirPods with Apple TV use - so it goes

  • Apr 11, 2021
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Connect AirPods with the Apple TV, you can listen through the headphones the sound from movies and series. Ideally, if the series is so exciting and you the whole night through. We will show you how to pair the AirPods with the Apple TV.

AirPods with Apple TV pairing

With the AirPods sound from the Apple TV to listen to, you need both devices to pair. If you want to connect to AirPods, the second-Generation Apple TV, you need at least Version tvOS 12.2 on the Apple TV. If you have the AirPods in the first Generation, tvOS 11 enough. The tvOS Version of your model to find out, select in the settings "General" and then "About".

The AirPods are automatically set on any of your Apple devices with the same Apple ID in the iCloud are logged in.

  1. Open the Case of the AirPods and keep it next to your Apple TV.
  2. Select in the settings of your Apple TV "remote control devices".
  3. Now select "Bluetooth".
  4. Next, select your AirPods from.
  5. Enter your four-digit Code.
  6. Now the AirPods connect to the Apple TV.

In the next practical tip we will show you how to use your AirPods with an iPhone or iPad to connect.