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Without a key to open the front door: it's So easy

  • Mar 25, 2020
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Not always, a key is needed to open the front door - it also goes without. As they come without a key to your apartment, you should know, if the door strike time.

Door-to-door open without a key, with the wire's

To stand on without a key in the Hand in front of your locked front door, an unpleasant Situation. But you can dissolve the Situation with a piece of wire.
  • Provided that this method works, is a gap between the floor and the door or a letter box slot. In addition, your door must have a latch and not a knob.
  • Since you need to bend the wire at a particular point, measure it is best to first the length. To do this, hold one end of the wire is in the height of the doorknob, and at the end of a loop in the wire. Run box then the wire to the slot under the door or on the letter. There you make a kink.
  • Now, run the tool through the slot. In order to get the doorknob from the inside with the wire in focus, you have to taste probably a little. You have managed to put the strap around the handle, you can pull the wire and open the door.
Without a key to open the front door (image: Nicole Hery-MoƟmann)

Lock picking: Know how

Another method is to open a fallen-down door, without a key, is the so-called lock picking.
  • To open a door in this way, you need to know, such as a door lock is constructed: It consists of various pins, which are held by springs.
  • A suitable key pushes these pins down. Thus, the Blockade of the cylinder in the lock is released.
  • Instead, with the Beard of a key you can press each of the pins with a suitable tool. Well a hair pin that you bend is suitable. To the door with a hairpin to open it, you will also need a tensioner, also Dietrich called.
  • The hairpin pushes the pins to the bottom of the clamp, an L-shaped piece of metal goes on the down-pressed pins at the bottom and holds it in this Position.
  • You pressed all the pins in the lock down, you can rotate the tensioner as a key and the lock to open.
Now that you know how easily a door can be opened without key, you should protect your apartment accordingly. Therefore, we show in our next article 5 measures to your home against burglars to protect.