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Withdraw money from N26 account - how to

  • Jan 18, 2021
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You have an account at N26, you can stand out of this easy money. How and where it works and in which cases you with fees should expect, we show in this contribution.

So you can withdraw money at N26

In some Places, fees are incurred if you withdraw from your N26-account money. You can avoid these but mostly.

  • You will receive a free GiroCard to your account. With your GiroCard you can withdraw money in many markets.
  • Among other things, Rewe, Penny and Real offer the service. The next money you can find to stand out in the N26 App. In total, there are about 9,000 Places.
  • You can stand out with the GiroCard at all German ATMs your money. A fee of two euros will be charged.
  • Alternatively, you can withdraw cash with the toll-free Mastercard credit card five times a month, for free money at any ATM with the European currency.
  • In countries with foreign currencies, you will pay 1.7% of the withdrawn sum of money as a fee.