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When is the world? These data and events have been predicted

  • Feb 27, 2020
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Since there are people, there is some speculation about when the world comes to an end. Again and again there are new predictions for the end of our planet. Yet none of these prophecies has arrived. We will tell you which scenarios are currently being discussed.

The End Of The World: An Appointment Scheduler

Thus, the possible world does not bring doom to their planning for the next years mess, here are a few dates to go when the world could end:
  • For the year 2018, an atom is said war that could put an end to our world. Prophesied, this has none other than Nostradamus. However, his prophecies are leaving a lot of room for interpretation.
  • For Christians, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the last judgment, and thus the end of the world means. Jeane Dixon, a well-known astrologer and fortune-teller of the 20th century. Century, told this coming for 2020. F. Kenton Beshore, President of World Bible Society, predicts the last judgment, however, until 2021.
  • Another scenario paints the Messiah Foundation: they suspected that in the year 2026, the collision of the earth with a comet, which would also mean the end of the world. A concrete point of reference for the presumption, however, there is. Founded in 2002, Messiah Foundation is the successor organization to the "RAGS International", a spiritual organization that was founded in 1980 in Pakistan.
  • The American religious scholar David Cook, deals among other things with the Muslim apocalyptic movements, see the present war in Syria as a fight in the run-up to the recent court. The end of the world he predicts for the year 2076.
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The End Of The World: Possible Scenarios

  • Global climate change has consequences for our life on earth. However, there was always ice and heat times, which alternated. At the moment, we have been living for about 12,000 years, in a warm climate. However, none of these periods will mean the end of the world. In previous ice ages have adapted to living creatures of the extreme cold.
  • Without the sun there would be no life on earth. Too much sun may end life also. Since the sun is not a Planet but a star, is the inevitable end. Before she falls and goes out, would blow up the sun, however. In this case, the sun's expansion would lead to the incineration of the earth. It is believed that the sun has a lifetime of about 10 billion years ago - she is now 4 billion years old. The arrives, this scenario is considered to be safe. However, mankind has, until then, still plenty of time to find alternate roosts.
  • Would an Asteroid hit the earth, were the consequences of the impact of its size. Of the approximately 500,000 known asteroids, only about 30 large enough for the earth can destroy in a collision completely. However, smaller asteroids can cause substantial damage, they are watched constantly. A the end of the world by a collision, scientists think it is unlikely.
  • More likely, scientists think the eruption of a super volcano such as the Yellowstone volcano. In case of an outbreak, a thick veil of sulphur would pull gases and ash through the whole of the earth's atmosphere, and fine volcanic dust would attach itself to all living beings. In addition to the effects of an outbreak of strong earthquakes and huge tidal waves would also be. But even such a disaster does not mean the end of the world. However, life on earth would be thrown back in his development thus far.
  • A third world war would be conducted, in all likelihood, atomic, and could mean that actually the end of the world. A global nuclear war, can not live according to the scientists, only everything, but also the earth self-destruct. Causes and triggers for war, among other things, the resource scarcity or famines are.

The end of the world: The science says

  • There is also a scientific study on the topic of the end of the world. So, researchers at the canadian Institute for BCA Research, the world have predicted doom for the year 2290 with a probability of 50 percent.
  • The world is going to 2710, and keep the scientists, even, with a probability of 95%.
  • The reason for this, the researchers see in people and the progress of urge.
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