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Waipu.tv The 4 best Alternatives

  • Sep 27, 2020
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In this practice tip, we introduce to you the five best Alternatives to the TV-Streaming provider Waipu. Deals to on the Internet live watch TV, there are many. Nevertheless, there are significant differences between the services. We show the advantages and disadvantages of each supplier can bring.

Zattoo: Waipu Alternative with many channels

In Switzerland, sitting at the end of the provider Zattoo transmits the television program also live in Germany. With this provider there is a Free Version (Zatto Free), this includes less channels and you get no access to the library. The company can in the Premium Version (Zattoo Premium), in the following areas:

  • With two devices at the same time access to over 200 channels, 55 HD channels.
  • One month free trial, after that, the subscription costs 9.99 euros per month.
  • Recording function of up to 30 shows or movies to record. This must be borne in mind that some of the channels (Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Viva) to approve the recording function, for legal reasons.
  • With Replay, during a live broadcast, simply rewind and replay.
  • Online at any time can be terminated (No contract term).
  • Various paid add-on packages such as TV-stream channels from abroad.
  • Ad-free channel switching and access to a large TV Mediatehek.
  • Zattoo you can also, of course, as an App under Android or iOS use.
Zattoo popular Alternative for Waipu.tv.
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TV game movie, LIVE: A travel-ready Alternative to Waipu

The provider of TV game film, the more for his television newspaper is known since a long time a TV Online Stream. The company relies on two different packages. The BASIC package, you can stream LIVE, as the client, the Public broadcasters - but without the HD quality. The benefits of the PREMIUM package:

  • 80 channels, including over 40 in HD.
  • Advertising-Free Switching.
  • Also outside of Germany (within the EU), German channel stream.
  • A month free of charge € 9.99, and cancellable at any time to test it.
  • Recording and Replay function.
  • Apps for Android and iOS you will find.
TV film - TV program - Live Stream-Alternative
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Vodafone GigaTV App: The Waipu Alternative in an App

Vodafone also provides a paid TV Streaming services available. In this case, the provider is limited, however, entirely on mobile devices and does not allow Streaming to a Computer via a Browser. You get in the GigaTV-App the following services:

  • A month free of charge test of 9,99 euros per month.
  • On two devices at the same time stream.
  • 62 stations, including 39 in HD quality.
  • Access to Vodafone's own library. On request subject to a charge for 5.99 euros, a great flat-rate book.
Alternative to Waipu.tv: GigaTV of Vodafone
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Public broadcasting: Free of charge and without registration

Who would not want to log in to awkward on a Streaming Portal, they can use the facilities of the public broadcasting service. Channels such as ZDF, ARD , or SWR free of charge and directly on the website of the channel stream. A perfect Alternative for those that do not require private channels.

  • Easier access via the web interface of the respective transmitter.
  • Free HD Streaming on many channels.
  • Streaming and the same offer as on the web interface is also available through the respective mobile Apps of the transmitter is possible.
The ARD Livestream as a public Option.
(Image: Screenshot)