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Triple moon-spectacle in the watch Live Stream: how to

  • Aug 09, 2020
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Lunar Eclipse, super moon and Blue Moon in a night: A triple spectacle, that there will be again until the year 2037. Live you can experience it thanks to the Stream of the NASA.

As in the case of the solar Eclipse in August 2017, we are left with the view of this astronomical spectacle was denied. The best seats for the lunar Eclipse, the North-West of America, Australia, new Zealand, Eastern Russia, the middle East and parts of Asia have. Who would like to experience the unique phenomenon, however, can do this.thanks to NASA and their Live Stream starting at 11:30 PM Central European time
  • The special feature of this solar Eclipse, the coming Together of three, in itself a rare phenomena. Probably the best known of these is the Eclipse of the moon is. The moon moves through the earth cast a shadow and is darkened.
  • The term super moon means that the moon is in close orbit. As a result, he seems to have a much bigger than usual.
  • "Blue Moon" comes from English and refers to the rare phenomenon, if there is a month with two full moons. This happens about every zweieinhalbb years.
  • Both of the super moon as well as the "Blue Moon" are also visible to us. The Eclipse of the moon, however, only via Live Stream experience.
  • Tip: With our CHIP-Web-App directly to the Stream in the Super-Blue-blood-moon-spectacle.
A unique astronomical event is there to see today (image: pixabay)
Alternatively to the direct Stream of the lunar Eclipse on NASA TV , the online television channel of the American space Agency. This space offers fans a whole range of interesting information.