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Television on the Internet: The 3 best TV deals

  • Aug 08, 2020
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Television is no longer only works on the classic TV. On the Internet there are many offers that allow you to your favorite stations on the Computer or on mobile devices view. We introduce to you the three best offers.

1. waipu.tv - television on the Internet

  • Basic price: The basic supply of waipu.tv is free of charge. After registration you all of the public can receive legal channels as well as some private TV channels. Overall, you will have access to 40 stations in the memory.
  • Extras: The expansion package "Comfort" monthly costs EUR 4.99 and includes 87 stations. These include mainly private channels, but the HD versions of public channels.
  • In the Comfort-package of 25 hours of recording storage as well as the Pause function are also included.
  • Perfect: For 9.99 a month you get the "Perfect"package. All the channels of the Standard are get-package and in addition, other channels from the Pay-TV Segment.
  • You can take this package up to 100 hours and all the channels in HD to watch, as well as up to four devices simultaneously.
TV on the Internet with waipu.tv
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2. Zattoo - TV on the Internet

  • Base price: Also in the case of Zattoo is the basic service for free. The selection of the free channels in Zattoo with 77 channels is very extensive.
  • Extras: For € 9.99 a month you get in the HiQ-package also the public broadcasters in HD, as well as the private channels.
  • Ultimate: For an additional $ 19.99, you get the Ultimate package with the look at the private channels in HD and 100 items online can take.
  • In addition to these packages, you can perceive special offers from foreign channels. The prices are depend on the package and be between EUR 2.90 and EUR 12.90.
Internet TV with Zattoo

3. Television on the Internet with Amazon Channels

Even Amazon supports the TV market with Channel offer.

  • At Amazon you can some Channel like Eurosport, MTV, or Comedy Central directly subscribe.
  • The price for a Channel is 2.99 Euro per month. However, you must at the same time is also a Prime Video membership to have.
  • The offer is thus aimed at people who are interested in specific Channels and less to people who want to see the classic TV channel on the Internet.
  • Also the service is a Streaming service like Netflix or Sky comparable and not with the conventional TV, in which you can just by zapping.
Amazon: TV on the Internet
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