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Sparda Bank data, balance-Phishing: What to do?

  • Aug 08, 2020
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At the time, Phishing emails are in circulation asking you for data matching your Sparda-Bank-data. What do you do best here, we will explain in this practical tip.

The Sparda-Phishing-Mails

Phishing e-Mails purporting to be from the Sparda-Bank sent have been diving regularly on, for example, in order to secret account information of customers to come or to Trojans and worms to spread.
  1. Especially the Austrian Sparda-Bank and Sparda Bank Südwest warns against Phishing emails, the Sparda-Bank Nürnberg even shows you a currently widespread Phishing e-Mail, the for data matching calls and in case of failure with a charge is imminent.
  2. See our practical tips exactly what is Phishing, how Phishing emails to recognize and you from Phishing to protect.
  3. The Sparda-Berlin Alliance is also currently in front of Pharming. So they are not on such fraudulent sites fall, we will explain in further practice tips, what Pharming is and how you Pharming pages.
  4. Also in the case of other financial service providers, such as the savings Bank, PayPal and Deutsche Bank are regularly Fake emails to Phishing purposes, in circulation.
Sparda-Safety Messages

What to do on receipt of Sparda-Phishing emails?

They allegedly received from the Sparda-Bank, E-Mail, the calls you to input your data, is sure to be something lazy. The following you can do in this case:
  1. Open the Mail first, if you this through our tips against Phishing emails in advance as a Fake-Mail identify.
  2. According to information from the Sparda-Bank asks its customers by telephone or by E-Mail, personal data like PINs or TANs to reveal. This is in the Mail, you should ausegehen a Fake message.
  3. Check on your Sparda-site in the area of "customer service & security" -> "security" to current dangers. For example, warns of the Sparda-West to the time before the fake sweepstakes.
  4. As a customer of Sparda Hamburg, you can suspect email via the contact us form to report. So the Bank can warn other customers and, where appropriate, legal action will be taken.
  5. You are not sure about the authenticity of an email is unsafe, you can call the customer contact of your Sparda-Bank.
  6. Some of the Sparda-banks, such as the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg, Sparda Bank West, Sparda Hamburg , and Sparda Nuremberg offer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, a Service Line to the fixed network tariff.
  7. Other banks, such as the Sparda Bank Hessen, Sparda-Ostbayern, Sparda Bank Berlin, Sparda Bank Südwest , and Sparda Bank Augsburg are on weekdays restricted hours.
Safety in the case of Sparda
In addition, practice the tips we give you tips for safe online banking and explain you how to secure mtan are and what they cost.