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Sky Go vs Sky Online - the differences

  • Oct 19, 2020
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In this comparison, you can find the differences between the "Sky Go" and the new "Sky Online".

Sky Go compared to the Sky Online:

  • "Sky Go," you can get over the Internet.
  • Included are most of the offers that you in your Sky subscription have booked. You have booked the movie package, you can watch numerous movies on the Internet.
  • Sky Go also includes Live Streams. If your Sky subscription includes the Bundesliga, you can watch the games live on the Internet.
  • Sky Go is included in any Sky subscription for free.
  • You can reach Sky Go on the Internet page "http://www.skygo.sky.de". In addition, an iOS App for iPhone and iPad is available. An Android App is also in planning.
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Sky Online, for all the no Sky subscription have

  • Sky Online is Internet-based, much like Maxdome or Netflix.
  • Movies and TV shows are available to you, differently than other Streaming services, right after the first broadcast on Sky available.
  • In the Sky Online, you can select which packages you want to book. In the "Sky Starter"package numerous series, documentaries and children's program are included. For blockbusters, and other films you need to have the "Sky movie"package.
  • The cost of Sky Online depend on the booked packages. The Starter package costs 9.99 euros per month, while the Film package costs € 19.99. Both packages together cost therefore € 29.98.
  • You can find Sky Online "http://www.skyonline.sky.de". In addition, there is also an iOS App.
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In a further practical tip read, as they are on Sky movies and series in the original view can.