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Severe weather-Central: These websites warn of storms

  • Sep 21, 2020
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Bad weather always pose dangers. With severe weather-Central, you can prepare locations to severe weather, or extreme weather. We introduce you to three Websites in this practical tip.

Weather.com With The Weather Channel about weather and severe weather alerts to be informed

In the case of Weather.com you can get the weather on a regional and worldwide.
  • Weather.com offer you the possibility of the weather on your place of residence to display. You can specify the location of either or both types.
  • The display of the weather you can adjust diverse. The page provides optional information for the current day, a previous periods forecast for the period between five and ten days. A monthly Overview is possible.
  • Particularly interesting for severe weather of rain and cloud radar, and the Option to let the weather say every hour before.
  • The page, however, offers far more than just the weather. On the menu will take you to exciting contributions to the categories of health, Knowledge and travel. Here weather be explained by the phenomena or tips for the best travel time. Allergy sufferers will find here the pollen calendar.
  • Conclusion: Weather.com provides clear and comprehensive information about weather and severe weather. In addition, the Service extends over more areas, the slopes in all with the weather together. The well-designed and uncluttered design of the page fun to use.
Weather.com with more than just weather (Screenshot)

Unwetterzentrale.de: extensive information

Severe weather centre offers extensive information on severe weather, precipitation, and co.
  • On this page you will find current predictions sorted according to Federal States. You also have the possibility to search for your location by entering the name or zip code in the search box.
  • In addition, the page provides information on highways and rivers. With Webcams you can get a Live picture of the Situation.
  • Practical: A map of Europe showing the course and direction of the storm, so you can always see when the storm draws you in to them.
  • Visitors can also report weather Changes, they are sorted according to the time and place in chronological order. Registration is free of charge.
  • In addition to storms, the page also displays information about road smoothness, wind scales, the smoothness of the cards, readings, and special weather conditions.
  • Conclusion: Extensive information about all of the weather conditions and not just for Germany.
Weather info in case of severe weather Central (Screenshot)

Warnings on Wetter.info and Wetter.com

Also relevant weather sites, reports of storms and their consequences:
  • Wetter.com and Wetter.info both offer an interactive map with all the warnings to storms to. You can look at Wetter.com also in the neighboring countries of Austria and Switzerland.
  • The Weather.the info page also offers information on freezing rain, storm or hurricane, road smoothness, extreme temperatures, heavy snow, heavy rain and Thunderstorms. The storms are indicated by a legend.
  • With the interactive rain radar Wetter.com you can keep track of the direction in which the rain clouds. The image is continuously updated, so that you are always up to date. In addition, rainfall radar, precipitation forecast, as well as flash cards are offered.
  • Conclusion: Wetter.com provides you with some multiple functions. Both pages will inform you well when it comes to extreme weather conditions.
Rain radar on Wetter.com (Screenshot)
So you are always on your PC informed, you can , under Windows 7 the weather in the taskbar can.