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Rezo: This Youtuber of the CDU heats up

  • Jul 07, 2020
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Rezo has pulled ahead of the European elections, with his Video "the destruction of The CDU was" very a lot of attention. So he is in the Video primary on the policy of the CDU and with more than 250 sources. In the Following you will learn more about it.

"The destruction of the CDU" - that's why it's in the Video

Meanwhile, the nearly hour-long Video about the Union party of the YouTuber Rezo more than 13 million views and a Million Likes can get. So he wanted to increase the interest of young people in today's politics and issues in a way that would otherwise be displayed, in his opinion, wrong.

  • First, Rezo is included in the already long-lasting CDU or government policy, and illustrates on the basis of the sources that the Union is a party only in the appearance policy for all layers. So he goes, especially in poverty and education, not enough has been put.
  • In addition, he also tackles the issue of climate change and global warming, which he tries in detail to explain to the viewers, basically. In doing so, he refers back to the failed energy policies of the government, because they will not take any of the thousands of German scientists recommended measures and self-imposed objectives, does not comply with.
  • In the next section of his Videos Rezo is devoted to the topic of war, since only through the help of the Federal government, the US drones can carry out missions in the Middle East. Because without the US air base Ramstein, it would be due to the curvature of the earth is not possible to control the drones from us soil from.
  • Here he goes through a variety of examples and sources in the war crimes of the United States, in which Germany is indirectly involved by the given permission of the use of Ramstein. He, too, is a source of by American soldiers acted legally correctly and so on German law and the ground, the life of innocent people have taken.
  • Last Rezo calls at the end of the Videos his viewers to vote in the coming European elections, not of the criticised parties. However, he cites no parties from which he thinks that you are good, and the choice leaves its viewers.

For that Rezo is actually known

Under the name of Rezo, the 26-year-old Aachen has also taken care of long before the CDU in the Video for attention in the youth.

  • So he's now on his two YouTube channels, Rezo , and Rezo Yes lol ey , a total of more than 2.5 million subscribers.
  • Mostly his Videos on his main channel, his passion for music and Comedy-based content for the subject.
  • But also more serious and relevant topics, such as the CDU in the Video he released on the channel.
  • According to his information, he also has a master's degree in computer science, the money Rezo deserves, however, mainly through his YouTube revenue.
The passion of Rezo is the music, what it is mainly in his main channel.
(Image: Pixabay)