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Revolut Account in Apple Pay use - so it goes

  • Jan 18, 2021
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Revolut is also with Apple Pay use. The two payment options can be used since the end of may 2019 together. Thus, cashless payments will be even easier for you.

Revolut Account with Apple Pay, you use: manual

If your Revolut Account, together with Apple Pay to use, to be successful within a few moments. The following points are the different ways to Pair of services:

  • First open your Revolut App and navigate to the tab cards. Under this, select the point To Apple Wallet add from.
  • Alternatively, open the App on your iOS device and press the Plus (+) Symbol. Thereafter, the device is added directly.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, you first need to open the App to Watch on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Within the App, select the menu item Wallet & Apple Pay and then your credit or debit card add.
  • Now you can use your Apple Watch with a Resolutely together.