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Rent increase after modernisation - that much is allowed

  • Aug 14, 2020
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If your landlord is modernizing its housing, it can schedule, under certain conditions, a rent increase after modernisation. How much of it is admissible, you will learn in this home-tip.

Considered to be one of modernization

Thus, the landlord can you contribute to the cost of the modernization, must be one of the following points to be fulfilled:
  • The residential value or the use value of the apartment must be increased on a permanent basis. The disabled conversion of the dwelling with a walk-in shower, a ramp for the entrance or a verb, for example, the width of the doors.
  • The living environment needs to be improved in the long term. Including the modernisation of the bathroom with new sanitary facilities, or new tiles includes, among other things.
  • Through the modernisation of water and energy is saved. This is the case, for example, if in your home, a new heating system is installed. Alternatively, the house could also be provided in energy terms, with a new insulation or better-insulated Windows are installed.
  • Not for the modernisation measures in your apartment count to maintain. Broken water pipes, or sanitary facilities are good examples of this.
Rent increase after modernisation

So much of a rent increase after modernisation allowed

If the modernization of your apartment meets one of the above-mentioned points, so your landlord can participate in the costs of this. To do this, he has the following two options:
  • Option 1: The residential value has increased by the modernization. As a result, the landlord may set a higher rent. But this is possible only with their consent.
  • Option 2: The landlord requires of them a year, 11% of the modernisation costs incurred.
  • Note: The landlord may only bill for the modernisation of the costs incurred. To be replaced on the same train, for example, water pipes, must not be billed for this measure, since it belongs to the maintenance. Similarly, savings due to government funding – for example, grants for the insulation of the house must be of the modernization costs will be deducted.

Here you will find help with disputes with your landlord

Should you have any problems due to the modernization of your apartment with your landlord, here are some contacts:
  • Advice in terms of issues related to property rental, contact the German tenants ' Association.
  • Also you have the tenant help Germany for a consultation.
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How much Miterhöhung is allowedto learn in our next home-tip.