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Packing for the football-analysis - what is it?

  • Jun 25, 2020
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Since the analysis of football with the Euro 2016 games, the talk is often of a "Packing Rate". What is it and what analysis brings opportunities for Packing in addition to the known statistics, you will learn in this article.

Packing: analysis for football games

  • In the case of "Packing" is a new measurement technology in football, which was developed by Ex-Bundesliga-Profi Stefan Reinartz, together with his former team-mate Jens Hegeler.
  • The so-called "Packing Rate" indicates how many enemies have been dubbed with a Pass. The data for individual players or a whole Team to evaluate.
  • So there are some games where the winning Team had a lower possession rate and less shots on goal, the Packing Rate, however, for the winner of the game speaks. The should speak for the quality of play of the relevant team.
Football analysis: What Packing is?

Packing Rate: analysis of the Euro 2016

  • The Packing Rate gained great notoriety in the analysis of the matches of the European championship in 2016. For example, the ARD applied the new Tool to analyse the individual games.
  • The reactions on Packing are as yet divided. While some Fans consider the Packing Rate rather than a Gimmick, others see new possibilities of game analysis.