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Online computers Toll: The best Tools

  • Feb 28, 2021
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An Online toll calculator allows you to calculate prior to travel, the toll fees, as tracks on many of the car, tunnels, and highways in Europe fees. So you know in advance what is coming at a cost to you, we will introduce to you in this practice, tips and useful toll calculator.

ADAC: Online toll calculator

The toll calculator in the ADAC unfortunately can only use around 18 million members. A alternative calculator provides Aral with his Aral card truckcustomers.

  1. Open this siteto the toll calculator for the ADAC to get.
  2. Here you can select one of the countries about the toll fees they want to inform (see image).
  3. Now you need to login to your ADAC Account. You are a member, they have, however, no Account yet, you can create such a on the "register Now" Button.
  4. You will receive detailed information on which roads, tunnels or bridges in the country are toll roads and how much is the fee for the individual classes of vehicle.
  5. In addition, you'll learn where you, the fee must be paid and with which means of payment it is possible. Tips can be circumvented, such as single toll-routes, are also available.
Toll fees online calculate: About ADAC
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Toll information for the whole of Europe

  • On this Website, the R+V insurance, all the fees and information about the toll in all European countries were collected.
  • Here you will find all of the cost models and fee-based sections, as well as more helpful hints to the possible Detour routes.
Toll fees on RuV.de
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Toll calculator for Commercial in Germany and Austria

With these toll machines, you can calculate the toll costs for your fleet in Germany and Austria.

  • Austria: On the computer of go-maut.at you can take the toll for trucks and buses on various routes in Austria can be calculated.
  • Germany: In Germany, there is currently no toll for cars. Only trucks are asked to pay. A toll computer for your truck fleet can be found on the Website of the Verkehrs-Rundschau.

As vignettes and toll cards can buy online, read this practical tip.