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N26, and Apple Pay: All the info about compatibility

  • Jan 17, 2021
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As N26 customer, you can link your account with Apple Pay, you no longer have to accept a credit card anywhere. We will show you in this practice tip, everything that you should know about it.

N26, and Apple Pay: All the info

Some Apple users have not, as yet, the possibility of Apple Pay to use. The reason is, some banks are still working with the payment service. You want to Apple Pay, however, you can add a N26 account. The advantages for you are:

  • Push messages: service Apple Pay directly with your N26 account associated with it. After each transaction, you will receive real-time confirmation of payment. Thus, you always have an Overview of your finances.
  • Security: you have the opportunity, each of your transactions with your Touch, or Face ID to authorize. In addition, Apple Pay does not share any card information, and stores them on your device.
  • Convenient: With the proven NFC technology, you have the option of using Apple Pay contactless to pay for it.
  • Compatibility: Many stores advertise already Apple Pay or NFC Logo, where Apple Pay is accepted. You can also pay in many online shops, their accounts with the payment service of Apple.