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How often do you bedding to wash - briefly explained

  • Aug 04, 2020
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How often do we wash linens, is usually determined by personal preferences. Nevertheless, regular Washing of bed linen is important. Only in this way they prevent dust mites and other microorganisms to invade your bed. Here you can find out how often bed linen should be washed.

How often to wash towels - Solid Laundry day

Even if it sounds old-fashioned, with a fixed Laundry day, you can avoid that, you use your bedding for a long time.

  • While you sleep, collect in your bedding, sweat, skin scales, dirt and possibly also traces of Make-up.
  • This mixture provides an ideal breeding ground for a variety of small creatures. These include, for example, bugs, mites, bacteria and fungi.
  • Therefore, the following applies: Wash your bedding at least every two weeks.
  • If you are allergic, you should change your bed linen weekly and wash. The same applies if you sweat during the night or sleep naked.

Bed linen washing: you should be aware of

When you Wash your bed linen to the Laundry labels. To avoid that the textile fibres are damaged by a hot Wash.

  • Rule of thumb: Wash your bedding as hot as it allowed the laundering label. From a temperature of 60 °C, you can be sure that germs and bacteria survive the wash.
  • Cotton bed linen may usually be up to a temperature of 60 °C washed. Pure white cotton covers can even be up to 95 °C washed.
  • Micro-fiber bed linen is usually washable at 60 °C. Bedding made from Satin may, as a rule, only at 40 °C in the washing machine. Silk, however, only a maximum of 30 °C.
  • Tip: Give with the bed covers, not at 60 °C washable, a hygienic fabric softener for Laundry, add. This disinfects the Laundry without hot water.
  • You use for bedding made of cotton, the washing machine program "cooking Laundry". All other materials should be washed with a gentle cycle.
  • Many washing machines are equipped with a private program for silk. If your machine does not offer such a program, you can instead use a program.
Wash your bedding regularly to keep dust mites and bacteria in check.
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Not only in your bed-linen dirt and sweat accumulate. Also mattresses are not spared. You will learn why in the next article, how to make your mattress clean yourself can.