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How does Moneygram? Simply explained

  • Sep 21, 2020
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Money gram works in a similar way as other service providers, worldwide money transfers, allow. We introduce you to money grams in this article a little more closely.

How does Moneygram? Simply explained

With Moneygram you can send money very quickly.
  • This includes over 350,000 sites are available, spread over 200 countries. Can send you sums of money in one of these stores or conveniently online through the website of the company.
  • You can send the money either to a Bank account or to the mobile phone of the recipient, provided that it has an account for a Mobile Wallet. In this case, the money will be instantly credited into the Mobile Wallet of the recipient. The recipient can leave the money in one of the branches to pay off.
  • Both the Sending as well as Receiving money with Moneygram only easy and fast, usually the money arrives within 10 minutes - it is also quite safe. As the sender, you need to identify. The recipient must identify himself, if he wants to pick up the money in a branch, and also needs the reference number that it receives from the sender.
  • Commendable is also the customer service of the provider. You get all the information about a Transfer online or by phone.
  • The disadvantage is that The fees are quite high. Within the EU it is worth money transfer hardly. You want to transfer, for example, 200 Euro from Germany to France, the recipient receives 187 Euro, 13 Euro fees.
  • Send 200 Euro to Peru, to get them fully there. As the sender you will be charged for 8 Euro in fees.
How does Moneygram?
If it is your money anonymously transfer, so the secret can send you will learn in the next tip.