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HERE Maps for offline use - so it goes

  • Feb 27, 2020
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For Navigation the Nokia Maps are very good use to, however, the in-line operation can be quite expensive. Offline navigate, however, is not only convenient, but, above all, reasonably priced, and also HERE Maps are easily possible. How to do this, read this practical tip.

HERE WeGo offline with the Smartphone

The HERE Maps App has now been renamed HERE WeGo and is still one of the best and most popular navigation options for the Smartphone.
  • Get the App for Android phones just like the iPhone.
  • For the Windows Phones, which were able to distinguish themselves so far, in particular as a GPS with HERE Maps, looks like it is currently, unfortunately, bad. However, the successor to Windows App maps on HERE Maps.
  • In addition, you can make your travel Route even with the Web App, HERE Maps, plan.
  • After you have downloaded the App, HERE WeGo, go to the "settings" of the navigation App, if you want to map material download.
  • Then tap on the Option "Offline maps" and select the required cards.
  • In some countries, such as Germany, for example, you can select the desired cards are somewhat finer, for example, according to the individual länder. In other countries, you have to download the entire map.
  • Because the card material is relatively memory intensive, you should be on time for a correspondingly large memory card provide.
HERE Maps offline use
In the next post, read how the HERE Maps install.