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Heartburn - what to do? - The best tips to fight acid Reflux

  • Sep 27, 2020
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Sporadic heartburn, also acid Reflux called, is not dangerous for the health. Unpleasant as it is anyway. What you can do about it and what causes heartburn at all, we will tell you.

How is heartburn?

Stomach acid rises into the esophagus high, it causes a burning pain heartburn. Normally, a sphincter prevents the reflux of stomach contents. There are several factors that can cause the Reflux.
  • Pregnant women are often plagued by heartburn. The cause lies not only in the pressure from below on the stomach by the enlarged uterus. Also, a hormone contributes to heartburn: progesterone makes the sphincter go limp. Both together leads to increased heartburn.
  • Obesity, as well as some foods will also increase the unpleasant Burn.
  • Drugs help, but unfortunately also side effects. In the case of some drugs, one of these unwanted effects may be heartburn.
  • You have a hiatal hernia, can move portions of the stomach into the chest cavity. One of the signs of what is called a hiatal hernia is increased heartburn.
  • Not only physical factors play in the development of heartburn, a role. Also psychological stress, such as Stress, can cause the Burning sensation behind the breastbone. The reason is the increased acid production in the stomach.

Reflux that helps

There are many medicines for heartburn. For the acute condition, they are helpful. However, the nature offers a lot of home remedies, and proper nutrition prevents.
  • The most well-known home remedies for heartburn is milk. You should neutralize the acid in the stomach. However, the effect is not proven. On the contrary, milk is designed to stimulate, according to the latest studies, the acid production even.
  • You drink instead of milk prefer to have a stomach-friendly tea. Chamomile, fennel, anise and caraway should help.
  • Nuts, and almonds work wonders for heartburn. You chew it slowly and swallow, you only really grind down.
  • You may be wondering about the tip, but it helps: Chewing gum! By Chewing, they stimulate the production of saliva. And a lot of saliva neutralizes the acid.
  • The juice of raw potatoes binds the stomach acid is, however, certainly not to everyone's taste.
  • Of course, the house offers pharmacy remedy for heartburn. There are over the counter acid blocker, the case of acute heartburn help.
Me heartburn: a myth?

Prevention is better than Suffering

You are prone to heartburn, you can do a lot to avoid the Reflux from the outset.
  • You eat more consciously. This means, for example, several smaller meals than three large. Avoiding spicy foods and acidic drinks, such as lemon juice. Also, you should require of carbonated mineral water non-carbonated water.
  • Do not lie down after eating. Movement is announced. Physically active people have significantly acid less problems with the stomach.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes. This is not only convenient, but also healthier. A too tight waistband or belt favor heartburn.
  • You have a lot of problems with the reflux of stomach acid, you sleep with a slightly elevated torso. Like all liquids, including stomach acid finds it difficult to flow uphill.
He hurt, not like heartburn, but it is also unpleasant: the smell of the mouth. Read in the next home-articlewhat to do about it.