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Google Maps print properly

  • Sep 24, 2020
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With Google Maps you can print out the routes or maps. How to do this properly, we will show you in this practical tip.

Google Maps: printing maps

A section of the map to print, first open Google Maps.

  • Enter a location into the search box or you can slide the card with the mouse to the right place.
  • With the Plus and Minus keys or mouse wheel you can zoom in and out.
  • If you have set the correct range, press on your keyboard the key combination Ctrl+P.
  • Google Maps is now in printing mode. You zoom in to the exact spot that you want to print, and you can move the section with the arrow buttons at the top of the screen.
  • Then press the top right "Print".
  • Select the Layout of the landscape for a better neck.
  • When you Print, you should note, only the first page print out, as Google Maps, prints, otherwise, further information.
Map in Google Maps print out
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Google Maps: route print

You can also do a Route print, you can with Google Maps in our calculations.

  • Enter Start and destination in the route planner and select the desired Route by clicking on one of the displayed routes.
  • Press [Ctrl]+[P] key to enter the print mode.
  • You can now zoom either so that you can see the whole route on the map, or zoom in to a specific place.
  • Then press the top right "Print".
  • Select the printer settings to the landscape format and print the card directly or save it as a PDF.
  • The directions will be added to Google Maps automatically, and always describes the entire Route, regardless of the neckline, the print.
Route with Google Maps to print out
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In the next tip we tell you how you can with Google Maps creating your own maps.