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Google Assistant: voice change - so it goes

  • Mar 25, 2020
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The Google Assistant is going to accompany us through the day, because we should be the voice pleasant. The wizard, Change-vote costs you only a brief Moment of time, and then the cooperation is much more fun.

Google Assistant - this is how you change the voice

A personal assistant is a fine thing. He has however, to our ears, unpleasant voice, he can go fast on the nerves. Google shows this understanding and equips his Assistant with different voices. You just have to decide for one.
  • The voice of the Google Assistant on the Android Smartphone or Tablet to change, hold down either the button on the start screen or say "Ok Google".
  • After you tap the blue dot in the upper right corner, select in the menu "settings". Under the settings you find the Option "voice Assistant".
  • The voice of the Google Assistants to the speaker, or Smart Display, you change the Google Home App
  • Once you have opened the App, from the menu, select the "More settings". Then go to "settings" and then on "voice Assistant".
Voice of the Google Assistant to change (image: Pixabay
How to use the Google Assistant activate, we explain in detail in a further contribution.