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G-20 summit: What people actually have against it?

  • Feb 27, 2020
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This coming weekend, the G is held-20-summit in Hamburg, Germany. Already now many people protest in the protest camps. What the people against the G-20 summit, you will learn in this article.

G20 summit - What actually happens?

The G20 summit will be held this year on the proposal of the Federal Chancellor on 7. and 8. July in Hamburg. Each year a different country hosts the summit. Last year, the Meeting in China was held, the last Meeting in Germany was in Berlin in 2004.
  • G20 stands for "group of 20". It is a merger of the 19 most important industrial and emerging countries and the European Union.
  • The G20 countries represent almost two-thirds of the world's population and together account for 85 percent of global gross domestic product.
  • At the annual Meeting of the heads of state and heads of government and Finance Ministers and Central Bank heads of the 19 member States. For the EU, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Central Bank will take part. The Director of the International monetary Fund, the Chairman of the International monetary and financial Committee (IMFC), the President of the world Bank and the Chairman of the Development Committee of the OECD are also present.
  • The Meeting is intended to discuss issues of international importance and to develop solutions. Topics of climate change and the refugee crisis, for example.
G20-summit in Hamburg
All information on the G20, we have it for you in another article summarized.