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Funny questions to Google Assistant: cool Easter Eggs

  • Mar 25, 2020
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Your voice assistant Google Assistant you can a lot of questions and sometimes funny answers. We have selected the best joke questions for you.

Funny questions to Google Assistant from the everyday

The Google Assistant can multiple languages, even animal languages he can speak, he can read minds and, of course, tell jokes.
  • Question: "What has been said by my cat?" - Answer: "Freely translated: death to the mice!
  • Question: "Crystal Ball!" - Answer: "okay, give me a Moment to find a suitable bizarre tablecloth. Come closer, closer, even closer! Okay, Stop! Your eyes, open close your thoughts. The crystal ball will reveal the truth. Parking now a question that can be answered with Yes or no."
  • Question: "Who is the Fairest of them all?" - Answer: "I think you have me confused with someone else. My developers have built not a fairy tale module."
  • Question: "what am I thinking?" Reply: "You think: Should guess my Google-Assistant, what am I thinking, then I freak out."
  • Question: "to Be or not to be?" - Answer: "I am to be."
  • Question: "What is the first rule of Fight club?" - Answer: "No Idea. I'm not talking about."
  • Question: "make me Laugh!" - Answer: "A joke is coming. What is the fastest part is in the house? The Runner."
Funny questions: Google Assistant understands cats (image: Pixabay)

Google Assistant is musically

The language assistant not only has an answer for everything, he is also extremely musical. Sometimes vary the answers, for example, if Google Assistant to sing to.
  • Question: "Sing to me!" - Answer: "it's Finally here... I come out quite large. And if I bow me, there is thunderous applause."
  • Question: "Sing a song!" - Answer: "I'll sing you like a song, Oh, sing with me. And you've got a friend, then we sing the third."
  • Question: "Sing a song!" - Answer: "I'll sing you a song, because Singing makes me happy. But if you breathe the wrong way, then it is equal to K. O."
  • Question: "Can you rap?" - Answer: "can't rap, I unfortunately, still. But I can fight for you beat."
  • Question: "Beatbox!" - Answer: "Okay, clap your hands for MC Soundfile", while in the Background the beat of music.
In music, Google is with a heart (image: Pixabay)

Google Assistant reveals a lot about yourself

With the right questions you can learn a lot about Google Assistant.
  • Question: "Are you ticklish?" - Answer: "first You have to figure out how to tickle me. Then you hear it, maybe."
  • Question: "do you Have a boyfriend?" - Answer: "I have tried Online Dating. But I have always written only Bots."
  • Question: "are you Going to the toilet?" - Answer: "Well, yeah, the Cache I need to empty sometimes."
  • Question: "I am your father." - Answer: "We prefer to do a paternity test, before I call you dad."
  • Question: "May the force be with you." - Response: "Thank you very much. But I identify more with druids than with the Yedi."
  • Question: "What are the three laws of robotics?" - Answer: "A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to be harmed. A robot must obey him, a people given commands, unless such a command would conflict with rule 1. And a robot must...(clears his throat) a fun understand."
Google Assistant is secrets (image: Pixabay)
The Google Assistant course and voice commands are clear, we show you in our next practice tip.