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Freenet: Mail-delete Account - how to

  • Jul 09, 2020
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How to delete your Freenet Account, you can do this in just a few steps. The procedure is depending on the type of Account something different. We will show how to delete the free and the paid Email Account.

Your e-mail Account at Freenet terminate

Before you delete your free E-Mail Account, you should delete all personal data:
  1. To do this, go to the "client area" of Freenet and click on "data backup/delete".
  2. You should have been given at Freenet no alternative Email address, please do so now. Can check the case of your "Personal data", which you can find in the settings.
  3. Then click on "contract cancellation" and log in to the corresponding Email Account.
  4. Freenet will send to your Alternative Email address with a confirmation link that you must follow.
  5. Now enter again the password for the old Freenet account and click on the red Button "terminate".
  6. Freenet sends you to conclude a cancellation confirmation.
Freenet delete Account

Paid Premium Account at Freenet terminate

  • You have a paid E-Mail Account with Freenet, you need to first unsubscribe from any paid services. To do this, call the "contact form" and quit writing all Premium services.
  • You have cancelled all paid services on time, your paid Email Account automatically, in a cost-free e-mail Account converted. This you can then delete as described above.
Usually works is to Delete the Email Accounts without a problem, nevertheless, should unexpected problems occur, the Freenet customer service help.