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Foot cream-Test: test winner of Stiftung Warentest

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Stiftung Warentest examined nine Fußcremes in the may issue of 2018. The result surprised even the experts: All selected creams reduce the skin on the feet. What is the foot cream has been especially good and where a real bargain can get hold of, read in this article.

Foot cream-the test winner of the Stiftung Warentest reduced the cornea

The Fußcremes were from the Foundation of the test were subjected to an intensive audit. The experts tested what creams reduced the cornea, how they are applied and what is the feeling on the skin in the process. Also, you tested the handling, packaging, and Declaration and any critical fragrances.

  • The first place in the foot cream-Test the product "Anti-horn-made-skin-Intensive-cream" by Hansa Plast. With the cream, the cornea is clear, what is at contained urea (Urea), which is included to 20% in the product is reduced. The experts found no critical fragrances and praised the very good handling. With a price of 8.65 Euro per 100 milliliters of the Hansa is a plastic foot cream in the middle of the tested products.
  • The foot cream "Balea cornea reducing cream" of dm took second place in the Test and made a good overall impression. The experts evaluated that the cream is so easy to handle. With a price of € 3.90 per 100 milliliters of the cream counts as one of the best products of the Tests.
Fußcremes in the Test: the test winner
(Image: Hansaplast)

Cheapest foot cream confident in the handling

A real bargain you can make with the "foot well of the cornea-reducing cream" of Rossmann. It will cost 2.84 euros per 100 milliliters, and the cheapest cream in the Test at Stiftung Warentest.

  • The foot cream made the fifth place in the Test and graduated with a good result. Particularly, she was able to convince due to their simple handling.
  • Comparatively bad, the judgment was, however, at the time of packing. Points could acids the cream but thanks to their contained fruit, the cornea well can remove.
  • All the Details of the Test you will find cost-free on Test.de.
Foot cream: The bargain according to the Stiftung Warentest
(Image: Rossmann)

Last place with a critical fragrance

Convince the foot cream "horn could skin-cream" by Gehwol med. With a price of € 9.75 per 100 milliliters, it is the third most expensive cream in the Tests.

  • Stiftung Warentest praised the foot cream because of their very good packaging and found that the cream cornea removed reliably.
  • The last place there was, but due to the contained Fragrance BMHCA. This substance is currently classified by the EU as hazardous to health.
Foot cream with critical fragrances
(Image: Gehwol)

As with home remedies cornea remove can, we show you in the next tip.


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