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Flickr: save images - how to

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Flickr is a popular network for photographers. Published images will be displayed in high resolution - save you can only be quite cumbersome. We will show can download in our practical tip on how you the photos easiest.

Pictures and albums from Flickr download

Although, you can download images directly from the Flickr page, but only one image at a time. With a small add-on tool that works much more comfortable:

  1. Download the free DownloadrTool from our Download section.
  2. Install and open the program. On the left of the page several search fields are displayed.
  3. Here you can search for images according to specific criteria - for example, by user name or by, or contained Tags.
  4. The results are listed as thumbnail view. Select the desired images and then click on the "Download selected".
  5. Note: you can only download images in which the photographer allows Downloads. Also, please note that the rights for the downloaded image is still in copyright. You can't use the photos at will.
Flickr images save
(Image: Screenshot)

Many photographers post their images with a Creative Commons license. What does that mean and what are the license types there are here, you will learn in the next tip.