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Fake DVD detect: Fake or Original?

  • Aug 11, 2020
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If you buy DVDs of private persons used, can you possibly fake DVDs. To recognize this, however, depending on the professionalization difficult. We will give you tips on how you can still the Original from a fake can be distinguished.

Fake DVD detect external signs of a fake

  1. Fake DVDs you can detect is most likely because of the poor quality of the printing on the DVD or the cover. Compare the DVD with images of the original.
  2. The back of the DVD should be silver. Colorful colors such as Green or Purple, or a non-fully printed back on a fake close.
  3. Furthermore, bar codes are for original DVDs in the inner circle of the back, mostly to recognize.
DVD: Fake copy detect

Fake DVD recognize quality check on the PC

  1. Insert the DVD into your Computer and play them. The colors should be strong and it is neither image should occur even sound issues.
  2. You go in the Explorer and select the DVD with right-click - > "Open". You can check in any file when this was created. The date should coincide with the year of production on the packaging.
On the PC: Fake DVD recognize
As they old CDs or DVDs to dispose of can, we will explain in the next tip.