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Easter: opening Hours - all the info

  • May 31, 2020
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To Easter you should note the special opening Hours, if you want to go shopping. All the info you will find in this practical tip.

Opening hours for Easter – that you should be aware of

If you want to shop for Easter, you should note the following information:

  • Good Friday falls this year on the 19.04. and as a General public holiday in Germany. Accordingly, all the shops have closed.
  • On Easter Saturday (or Holy Saturday), and the 20.04., all the shops are open as usual.
  • Easter Sunday, 21.04, is a public holiday and all shops are closed accordingly.
  • Also on Easter Monday, the 22. April, all the shops are due to the Federal-wide closed for public holidays.
  • Smaller shops, such as food stalls, flower shops, or gas stations, can individually have on holidays open. Here there is no Germany-wide regulation, so make sure you check directly with the stores.
  • From Tuesday, 23.04., all the shops are open again on a regular basis.
  • Note that shops in the main train stations or airports, however, can have both days open. This is from city to city different, will inform you that at the best spot.
Easter 2019: Opening Hours
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