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Drums learn: The 3 best YouTube channels

  • Sep 27, 2020
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Still not a perfect Drummer has fallen from the sky - the drums you have to play to learn. For each Instrument you find in the Internet on Exercises for the drums. The top three YouTube channels for percussion-beginners we.

Drums learning these three YouTube channels help

The range of Online Tutorials is huge. For this reason, we have been looking for three appropriate YouTube channels for you.

  • The YouTube channel "Startdrumming.de" offers an extensive range, both for absolute beginners as well as Advanced. Here, you will learn, for example, simple Double-Bass Drum Grooves and to make the metronome Exercises. In addition, you will learn about a simple Fill-Ins with quarter-, eighth -, or sixteenth-notes.
  • Have you for the first Time, the stick in the Hand, learn with YouTube channel "happy drums" the drums from scratch. Has started the channel in 2011 - according to many Tutorials you can find on here. In addition to drums, you can also learn other Percussion instruments.
  • "Online drum lessons with Philip Bo Borgmann" - so called our third YouTube-tip. Here you will find Tutorials for beginners but also for Advanced. In addition to dry Exercises, the channel also provides practical examples. These Videos show how well-known Songs with the drums accompany.