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DDoS protection: how to protect yourself from attacks

  • Jul 15, 2020
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In this practical tip we will explain to you what a DDoS attack is, and how the protection against such attack can look like.

What is a DDoS attack -?

DoS stands for "Denial of Service". DDoS means "Distributed Denial of Service".
  • Always, if you are on a web server, access, reserved to them, a certain part of the working memory (RAM).
  • To grab the same time, many PCs on a (older) web server, it may happen that the RAM runs full, and the Server reports a "Denial of Service", because he can no longer serve all the requests.
  • In the case of a DDoS attack, this condition is provoked. This so-called "botnets" used.
  • A Hacker uses his PC a other (foreign) PC, which controls several Command-and-Control-PC.
  • This Command-and-Control-PCs, in turn, control the Bot PCs on the Internet. The Hacker can send very easily from a distance and countless requests to a web server so that it refuses service.
What is a DDoS attack -?

DDoS protection: how to protect yourself from attacks

In front of a DDoS attack, you can protect difficult.
  • It is an attack just a "simple" DoS, you can set up fixed IPs block lists. This brings in a DDoS attack, due to the many IPs, but not by much.
  • A Form of DDoS attacks is the SYN Flood. Here, the connection structure of the TCP transport Protocol is used to make individual services or entire Computer from the network unreachable. You use so be sure to SYN-Cookies.
  • If you operate a popular website, it makes sense to distribute the server load. This may appear a little costly, however, you can go on the safe side.
In the next tip we will explain you how to hack it to create a Wi-Fi hack.