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Coinbase: The 7 best Alternatives to Bitcoin and co.

  • Aug 07, 2020
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Coinbase is the most well-known, however, is not the only platform that allows you to Bitcoin and Co can buy. Alternatives there is enough - the 7 best we you.

Coinbase: The 7 best Alternatives

There are good Alternatives to Coinbase.
  1. Blockchain.infoThe platform is known and in 140 countries. Here you can buy in addition to Bitcoin, numerous other Altcoin and sell.
  2. BitBay: With his Colt-Wallet-memory is the Portal for sure. In addition, it is extremely user-friendly.
  3. Gemini: located In New York, will leave the company by the local financial authority controls. Gemini is for Private and business customers from Germany open. The fees are a bit cheaper than Coinbase.
  4. Litebit: This platform is characterized by its great diversity: Here you can use over 50 different crypto-currencies to trade.
  5. Kraken: The Portal has its headquarters in the USA, but you can also pay in euros.
  6. BitPanda: The European market leader has its headquarters in Austria. The Wallet is free and you can trade on the platform of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash.
  7. Anycoin: Here, you exchange real money against a number of crypto-currencies. In the offer also some rather unknown Altcoins: Monero, Stratis or Pivx are.
Coinbase Alternative (Image: Pixabay)
As you log in to Coinbase withdraw money, we will explain in the next tip.