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Coffee filters: find The right size - so it goes

  • Aug 13, 2020
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You want to brew your coffee with the Hand or a conventional coffee machine, you need the right coffee filter size. In order to find the right one, we will explain in this kitchen tip short the various denominations.

Coffee filters - various size designations

The company Melitta was the pioneer of a coffee filter, and also introduced the first size designations.

  • Basically, there are 1x, three different variations of the indication of size: "...", only a single number or the 100-series.
  • The most common size is "1 x 4", some manufacturers even only with a "4". These filter bags are suitable for coffee machines, the eight to ten cups of coffee to brew.
  • Rare size "1 x 2" for machinery for a period of six to eight cups of coffee. In addition, there are the variables "1 x 6 and 1 x 10".
  • You've probably seen already once bags with the size of the 100 series. These are actually for hand filter thought.
  • With the size 100, you can brew two cups of coffee. For porcelain filter, to brew three to four cups, choose the size of 101.
  • The filter bag size 102 corresponds approximately to the designation "1 x 4".
  • By the way: Is the Filter too big for your machine or your porcelain filter, this is not a Problem: in order to fold just the edges once, and make the paper filter is thus suitable.
  • The Filter is too small for use, to fold it quickly and the coffee grounds can get into your coffee.