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Chrome: coding of the characters change

  • Sep 23, 2020
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The Chrome Browser displays cryptic characters on web pages, you had to change until recently, the character encoding. So umlauts and other special characters appear to be back to normal.

Chrome: character encoding must not be changed

Up to Version 55 of the Google Chrome browser, you could change the character encoding manually. Some of this had the consequence that in case of wrong settings, the web pages were not displayed correctly. In particular, special characters and umlauts were not displayed in case of wrong coding correctly.

  • Since Version 55 Google Chrome detects the proper encoding automatically, so there is no sign of errors are more. So make sure that you Chrome to use the latest Version update.
  • You want to nevertheless, the character encoding on each of the web pages change, it's best to use the free Addon to Set Character Encoding.
  • After the Installation, click with the right mouse button on any place on the current webpage, and choose Set Character Encoding - the desired character encoding.
In old Chrome versions, you had to change the character encoding manually. Since Version 55 more.
(Image: Screenshot)