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Bacteria in the office: Here it is dirtier than the toilet

  • Aug 13, 2020
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Bacteria and other germs are in the office, even more common than on the toilet. Already in the 1980s, the German society for industrial hygiene devoted to their annual meeting of the Hygiene in office and commercial Establishments. This year, thousands of the theme is not from the office-table. What furniture you need to pay special attention to Hygiene, we can tell you in this practical tip.

The biggest germ-a stove in the office: The coffee Cup

Most of the office-bacteria in yesterday's coffee Cup from the office: On such a researchers found approximately 15 Times as many bacteria as to the operation of the toilet.
  • Wash your Cup regularly and pour remnants of early and out - not until the next day, immediately before the first Cup of coffee in the Morning.
  • Classic dishwashers are the best for cleaning. Alternatively, you could flush in the toilet, because it has less bacteria than the office-rags and sponges. Of course we advise them, nonetheless.
  • The number of bacteria and other Keimenn in the coffee Cup to reduce, you should also often the dish towel in the office switch and the coffee maker, clean it regularly.
Disgusting and dangerous germs romp in the office-coffee. (Image: Pixabay)

A bacteria-Paradise in the office: The phone

A strong bacteria-infestation of the phone has due to the close Interaction of Hand and mouth:
  • By spit droplets, and our never pure on the skin of the Hand are 11 Times as many bacteria on the phone as you would on the toilet.
  • Even worse, Smartphones are infested. The reason is that By Swiping over the Display, particularly many bacteria hang. In addition, the boxes interim storage in pants and purse a true "bacteria - breeding".
  • The Smartphone use on the toilet can the germ situation even more worse.
  • So you should regularly check your Touch-clean the Display and the phone buttons to cleanthe germ infested counter.
Health hazard number 2: bacteria on the phone. (Image: Pixabay)

The handbag as a home for bacteria

Also in her purse are breeding millions of bacteria. This is not only on your Smartphone noticeable:
  • A swab of the inside of a handbag has hardly less bacteria than a Smartphone. The reason is that everyday objects such as hair brushes, cell phone and Makeup do a lot of germs in the bag.
  • In addition, the handbag is through your light-protected inner area, the warm temperatures and humidity, stagnant air is a breeding ground for bacteria.
Hardly considered, and still bad: bacteria Paradise handbag. (Image: Pixabay)

Bacteria-gray on keyboard and mouse

As with the phone bacteria by saliva to penetrate-Droplet and unclean fingers in the keyboard and Computer mouse.
  • Almost 10 Times as many as on the toilet seat.
  • In contrast to the phone less spit ends up here, all the more skin to shed. You notice that when you turn over your keyboard once and shake vigorously.
  • If you regularly use your keyboard coarse brush and occasionally with the vacuum cleaner, it reduces the number of germs tremendously.
Millions of times in each of the office: mouse - and Keyboard-germs. (Image: Pixabay)

Less office bacteria in the boss days

The office is a common bacteria found on the buttons of the operation of the Elevator. And only marginally less than on their own PC.
  • The Interesting: The majority of bacteria in the first floor. On the keys of the higher floors, according to one study, fewer bacteria.
  • So your daily Driving a bowel movement sometimes the epidemic is as your going to the toilet. There is also good for our Elevator-Hack nothing.
A huge germ risk, it also lurks in the office-Elevator. (Image: Pixabay)
Thus the Hygiene problem in the office is not very charged, delivers our next practice tip with a list of the most beautiful office pranks to cheer you up.