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Audience development: What is behind the profession

  • Aug 10, 2020
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What lies behind the concept of Audience Development, is not obvious to everyone immediately. For this reason, we explain not only the concept but also the new profession of the Audience Development Manager.

Audience Development - a simple explanation

Roughly speaking, Audience development means action to the realm-wide growth in digital media.

  • Something described in more detail, includes Audience Development all measures, the new networks generate, to a certain brand, a cultural Association or in a company tie, and, finally, profits to draw from.
  • A task consists of users to reach. Common measures links to certain content, as well as the use of Social Media are here.
  • But search engine optimization is one of them. A good Google Ranking, it helps to be found.
  • The binding of users is another field. Users on content, it's about the interest in the brand or the organization to uphold. This Newsletter, for example.
  • At last, it is also about a brand or company has financially an advantage to the user group. In this example, subscriptions are used. As Events fall under the category of monetization.


Swagbucks Code - behind

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