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AOL Mail forwarding - how it works

  • Aug 07, 2020
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While you can set up at almost any E-Mail Provider to automatically forward, not AOL has this feature unfortunately. We will show you how you can send messages to other Accounts.

Forwarding the E-Mails set up on AOL auto forwarding is not possible!

Unfortunately, E-Mail address via a AOL, no automatic forwarding of E-Mails possible. You can only forward copies of received E-Mails in the AOL over the "Continue"Button to send to a different address.
  1. To do this, open the E-Mail.
  2. Click on the "forward"Button.
  3. To add the addressee into the text box and click on "Submit".
AOL email:forward Button

Mail collection service-other Provider to set up the E-Mails but in the case of other providers to receive!

With an E-Mail collection service allows you to automatically retrieve E-Mails from various mailboxes, and vendors.
  1. Mail-Provider like T-Online and Gmail offer this Option in the settings under "E-Mail collection services".
  2. You must set a name for the device then most of the time your previous provider and your E-Mail address and password. Sometimes the Name of the POP server of your previous provider is required.
  3. In the case of Gmail, you can find this Option under "settings"->"accounts and Import" under "E-mail via POP3 from other accounts".
E-Mail Collection Service GMail
If you can rely on a no collection service, you have no other choice as your contacts, write to your AOL e-Mail address, your new E-Mail address. If you this is very frustrated, we will explain here, as in the case of AOL cancel.