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Ants distribute: These home remedies help

  • Mar 25, 2020
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Ants with home remedies is to distribute some work, but not impossible. What really helps, we will show you in this article. Also, you don't know how you leave the insects in the house.

Ants with home remedies to expel

You should best protect themselves in advance against the ants.
  • It must be not a mass of ants that you can find on your site. A run-of-the road for the ants in front of your house enough to be able to the source of the insects make. Here, water helps you, you can fight back.
  • Take a water hose and water both the Nest as well as the running road of the ants very extensively. A repetition of the operation makes your work more successful.
  • Joints and fissures, for example, to your Windows and doors, you should seal it with acrylic or silicone. Acrylic has the advantagethat it can be re-coated is.
  • Remnants of food, especially sweet food, you should dispose of it always the same carefully. Otherwise, these act as a lure for the small insects.
  • Seal your leftovers even before you Dispose of it in a small plastic bag. So there is no smell emitted substances of the food. The smell best to include you should include your waste container in Free is always good.
  • Spices and odorous substances, such as lemon verbena and thyme, the animals do not like. With these plants in front of the door and the window, you keep away the insects. You can also use a lavender plant, whose essential Oils are the plague of ghosts also keep.
Ants with home remedies (picture: Pixabay)

Home remedies to combat the insects in the house

The ants are in your house, you can do a lot of things.
  • Wherever you find the animals, fill a small container with cinnamon and dilute acetic essence. The strong smell of the animals do not like, and often far away.
  • If you are using vinegar essence, do so gently and in accordance with the mixing specification. You can also use normal vinegar, ensure you definitely have a strong odor intensity of the product.
  • Hair or deodorant makes the hunt for flying ants successfully. The Sprays of gluing the wings of the animals, so that they can no longer fly.
  • Double-sided tape, such as when Laying a carpet is used, is also present. The ants stick to it - or it restricts, at least the running speed of the ants.
  • A radical Instrument is your vacuum cleaner. It is important that you directly to the suction action of the dust container is empty – in the distance of your property and your neighbors.
  • A poison for the animals, deer horn salt. Eat the ants of this, they perish. Should you have children in the household, do not be however, in this case particularly careful, in order for this to take the salt in the mouth.
Ants distribute: These home remedies help (image: Pixabay)
There are many unwanted guests that can get in the house and garden wide. As you screw in the garden fight, read in our next article.