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Amazon Prime bandwidth to low: What to do?

  • Aug 13, 2020
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Amazon Prime Video, the error message is "your Internet bandwidth is too low"? We will tell you what you can do in this case.

Amazon Prime: bandwidth too low - that you can do

You want to watch a movie or a new Episode of your favorite series, but Amazon Prime Video, you will get the error message "your Internet bandwidth is too low." You will be asked if they want to continue in spite of possible interruptions in the playback to continue. Click on "Yes", but the Problem persists. This could have various causes. We will give you some tips on what you can do to make the evening ends, but still beautiful.

  • Check whether the Internet works properly. If you have on the computer, Laptop or Smartphone trouble to open web pages, the Problem is not with Prime Video. You should see your Router reboot , and, if it not going to work should have the Support of your Internet service provider contact.
  • Even if you have clicked on "Yes" with respect to the playback, and nothing changes, you should do it again. In many cases, the playback starts after two to three attempts.
  • So you don't have to look back after the movie or after the Episode, it will be easier if you described directly while the error message as above, click on "Yes". If that doesn't, however, want to work at all, you should leave the Prime Video App completely. You need to search for it again after the desired contents, but now you should get no error message displayed.
  • In particular, in the case of older TV models, it can lead to error messages if the Firmware was not updated. Therefore, Amazon recommends that you check regularly, whether it is for your TV Firmware Updates, and install them. The Prime Video App is updated and a reinstall might be necessary.
  • What is the Amazon Support in such cases is still recommends: you might have your device Prime Video sign out and sign in again.

Amazon Prime Video: What bandwidth do you need?

If you don't know how fast your Internet connection is, you can do this in our CHIP-Speedtest check.

  • For older movies and TV shows in Standard-Definition (SD) available, you need a bandwidth of 900 Kbits/second.
  • For High-Definition video (HD) you need a 3.5 Mbit/second.
  • If the playback starts, the video but pixelated to be displayed or to be interrupted, stop the playback. You have to wait until the content is loaded, and you look at the Film or the Episode more.
Amazon Prime Video: What to do if the bandwidth is too low? Amazon/Screenshot