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Adblock disable - how it works

  • Jul 15, 2020
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With "Adblock" they remain permanently of advertising on sites spared. If you want to disable the little Add-On, you can do this in the settings of your browser. Exactly how this works, we have summarized them here for the most common browsers.

How do I disable Adblock in Google Chrome? This is how it works

In Google Chrome, you can disable the Add-On "Adblock" in the Plugin settings:

  1. Click on the menu Button with the three dots in the upper corner.
  2. Select "More Tools" in the menu item "extensions".
  3. You put the lever in "Adblock" (see Screenshot).
  4. The Add-On is subsequently disabled on all pages.
How to Adblock in Chrome can disable.
(Image: Screenshot)

Adblock in Firefox to turn off

In Mozilla Firefox, you can disable "Adblock" either in the settings or from the comfort of the status bar.

  1. Click the dashes on the top right on the three connective.
  2. Then, select the item "Add-Ons" and navigate in the list to the left of the new window to the menu item "extensions".
  3. You can turn off Adblock now, by clicking on the Disable Button.
The Adblocker in Firefox to turn off.
(Image: Screenshot)

Adblock disable on the Internet Explorer and in Microsoft Edge

Also, in Internet Explorer you must first navigate to the General settings menu. To do this, click the top right on the three points.

  1. Select the item "extensions" and search the list for "Adblock".
  2. Then click the Button "Disable".
  3. In newer Edge browsers works in a similar way. First, navigate on the three dots in the upper right in the menu called "extensions". Here you set only the switch under Adblock, so that the Add-on is disabled.
How to disable Adblock in Internet Explorer and in Microsoft Edge.
(Image: Screenshot)

Safari: how to disable your Adblock

In your Safari Browser, you can disable "Adblock" as well. The process here is constructed similarly to the other applications. Our instructions are based on Version 12 of Safari on a macOS device with Adblock Plus.

  • First, select next to the address line, the associated Button, and then click "Open Adblock Plus" to enter the settings of the App.
  • On the "General" tab you can then disable the Add-on.
  • Alternatively, you can turn off Adblock via the check box on "Enabled on this site." for the current page.
As you Adblock in Safari can disable.
(Image: Screenshot)

Adblock disable on a specific page

If you want to disable the Adblock Add-On only on certain pages, you can do this depending on the Browser with a few clicks.

  • Google Chrome: Click on a web page at the top right on the red Adblock Plus stop sign. In the Pop-Up window, now click on the field "Enabled on this site" to allow advertising on the page.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Open the Firefox menu by clicking top right on the three dashes click. Now select the Button "Add-ons" and look under "extensions" to Adblock. Then go into its settings and under "web sites on the white list" the Internet addresses to which you want to disable the extension.
  • The Microsoft Edge: Click in the status bar, click the red stop sign and choose in the menu bar "options" from. Then, you can enter "sites on the Whitelist", the corresponding web pages.
  • Safari: Go first, as described above, in the settings of the Add-ons and then navigate to the menu called "Whitelist". There you can enter the websites on which Adblock to disable and "Add site" add it to the list.
  • Please note that you have to take with a Adblocker web pages is always an important source of income. Some companies are advertising, so that the contents remain free of charge, but you can still earning money. Consider, therefore, whether you want to allow on a page is advertising or not.