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1&1 Control-Center: explains The most important functions

  • Oct 18, 2020
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The 1und1 Control Center is not supported only in the configuration and management of your contract and your services. Here you will find many additional functions to help you deal with the 1&1 products. We will explain the Wwchtigsten.

Features of the 1&1 Control center Overview

  • Open the 1&1 Control-Center and login with your customer number or your user name and your password.
  • Note: Is your Email address "Max@Mustermann.de" so your user name is "Mustermann.de"
  • You are now in the main menu. At the top left you will see the "Start" button, click this, you will always return to the main menu.
  • In the following paragraphs, we will explain the main features of each of the main topics. In order to understand them, you can click in the main menu on the Header of the individual topics.
1&1 Control Center

1and1 Domains & Webspace

  • Domains: Here you can manage not only your Domains, but also to new Domains in order. With a click on "Current offers" you can have the availability of your desired Domain to check.
  • Web space: this is Where you know how much storage space you currently by your web content.
  • FTP: Under the item "FTP", you can create your own FTP-access and manage.
  • Another exciting point of the "domain trading", which you will find under the item "Additional Features" is. There you can buy with the support of 1&1 foreign Domains or custom Domains to sell.
1&1 Domains manage

My data at 1&1

  • Customer information: Here you can change your address, the passwords for the individual services and their Bank details.
  • Contract data: at this point you can quickly access all of your invoices and print, and the contract or individual services with 1&1 to cancel.
Personal data at 1&1 manage

Homepage, and applications for 1&1 to manage

  • Here you will find the classic "Homepage-Baukasten", as well as the "website Builder Plus". This is, however, after the first month will be chargeable.
1und1 Homepage edit

Apps, Downloads & help section of 1&1

  • Mobile: There you will find all of the available Apps, such as, for example, the "1&1 Mobile Online storage"App, which you to your 1&1 Cloud access. This App is here presented in Detail: Version of Android|iOS App
  • Software: The "1&1 EasyLogin" Plugin is a Plugin which is a small icon fits in your Browser. Click on this, you will immediately receive access to the Control Center or the Webmailer. This all happens without Login. Who uses so often one of these two services, you can save with this extension, a lot of time and nerves.
  • Support: in this section, you will find numerous ways that you problems can be helped. You can contact us either by phone or by E-Mail to the customer service or go to the Forum. Behind the "1&1 help" hiding a Desktop-Sharing help. The Support can then look after your release with you together on your screen and you directly help.
1&1 Supoort contact

Communication & E-Mail

  • Use: Here you have direct access to the 1&1 webmail you your E-Mails to retrieve.
  • Manage: this is the point, you can configure your individual e-mail addresses, delete, or add new ones.
1&1 communication