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XBOX One (S): SSD upgrade - how to

  • Feb 28, 2020
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Although the XBOX One S only been a year, it is sold only with a built-in HDD. How you can retrofit the same pure SSD, we will show you in this practical tip.

XBOX One S: SSD upgrade - HDD vs. SSD

Before you begin the installation of the SSD, of course first of all, the question of what even is the difference between a SSD and a HDD is.
  • The main difference is that in an SSD there are no mechanical parts are installed.
  • In the case of a HDD, a reader head over the magnetic disks, and reads out the stored data. An SSD, however, consists of many juxtaposed Flash memory, similar to a USB stick.
  • A SSD is much more robust. Even falls you can survive without any problems.
  • Add to this that SSD drives work virtually noiselessly.
  • Also the weight of the SSD is in the front, because it is significantly lighter.
  • Finally, the computational speed the main advantage of a SSD is because you start the notebook twice as fast. Files open even four times faster than a HDD.
  • The cons of a SSD is the higher price and a SSD hard drive to a Defect, usually not more to read.
XBOX One S: SSD upgrade - HDD (source: pixabay.com)

XBOX One S: SSD upgrade - advantages & Benefits

The advantages of Retrofitting an SSD in the XBOX One S are on the Hand.
  • They Express themselves mainly through increased Writing and memory speed.
  • However, you can find on the Internet many reports, according to which the use of an SSD does not bring much added value, because although the XBOX One's "just" a HDD installed, it works with a comparatively high speed, so that the supposed increase in speed is almost negligible.
  • If you transport your XBOX One S more often, it may be worth installing a SSD yet, because this is, as mentioned above, more robust and more resistant than a HDD.
  • Finally, above all, their usage scenarios, the XBOX One should decide whether a conversion to an SSD results for you to sense.
  • At the same time, you should note that an exchange of the internal hard drive is the guarantee of their XBOX One would lapse and with some complications - which is why we recommend the connection of an external SSD to the heart.
XBOX One S: SSD retrofit (source: pixabay.com)

XBOX One S: SSD upgrade - The implementation of

According to the theoretical backgrounds, and it now goes to the practical implementation of the memory exchange.
  • Before installation you need of course a SSD, ideally with a corresponding housing. We recommend as a case of StarTech, as the SSD you can, in good conscience, on the Samsung SSD 850 EVO to draw. The memory size depends on your usage behaviour for the XBOX One, at least 500 GB should you choose.
  • Then put the SSD in the enclosure. To do so, plug the connector of the SSD on the motherboard of the housing.
  • The SSD should sit in the port are relatively fixed and, above all, do not wobble.
  • Close the housing and to adjust with the supplied screws and the screwdriver.
  • Then connect the SATA to added to USB-a cable to the housing.
  • Start the XBOX and connect the hard drive via a USB cable to a free USB Port on the back.
  • After the XBOX has detected the hard disk, the following message box appears, in which you can select, whether you want to install media files or games on the hard drive.
  • The Latter applies to you, select "format disk" and give your SSD in the connection a name.
  • In the next step, you can select whether or not new games and the files should automatically be on the SSD installed, or still on the internal memory.
  • In the App in the "games & Apps" you can now select in the top bar on the right edge in the selection menu of the display memory. You can switch between the "Total memory", "Internal storage" and "External storage".

XBOX One S: SSD upgrade - games move

After the establishment of the external SSD, and it now needs to move the games from internal memory to this.
  • To do this, select a game and press the menu button.
  • Then, navigate to the Option "manage game" and then select "All move".
  • In the screen that appears, select "Move".
  • The process begins and appears, inter alia, in addition to the in-game icon. However, you can - logically - during the move, the game will not start. Otherwise, you can use your XBOX as usual.
What you can do if your XBOX One S the fan is rattling, take part in a further practical tip.