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WLAN connection to the FRITZ!Box via WPS method to set up

  • Jan 27, 2021
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With the WPS method Wi-Fi can connect devices such as network printers, computers, or Repeater with your Fritzbox. You need no passwords and no complicated setup procedure.

WPS procedure on the Fritzbox enable

In the delivery state, the WPS function is enabled on the Fritzbox already. Only if you have these disabled, you should follow this first step.

  1. Call the user interface of your Fritzbox. Type "fritz.box" in the address line of your browser.
  2. Click the links in the menu to the point "Wi-Fi" and then click on "security" (see image).
  3. Now open up the tab page "WPS quick connection".
  4. Set the hook before the "WPS enabled".
  5. Then, select the "Push Button method" and click on the Button "start WPS".
To enable WPS on your Fritzbox
(Image: Nico Detmar)

Connection between a Computer and the Fritzbox to connect

If you want to connect to a Computer via Wi-Fi to your network, but the password do not know, you can use the WPS method.

  1. You use Windows 7, 8, or 10, click on the bottom right in the task bar on the Wi-Fi icon.
  2. Now select in the list of wireless networks your and click on "Connect".
  3. Now instead of the Wi-Fi of the password, you can press and hold for six seconds, the Wi-Fi button on the Router pressed. Then, the Router and the PC by itself and establish a connection.
PC via WPS with a Fritzbox to connect
(Image: Nico Detmar)

Connection between the Fritzbox and other Wi-Fi-set up devices

Via the WPS method you do not only Computer, but also Wi-Fi can connect devices such as a network printer, or a Repeater.

  • Press for six seconds, the Wi-Fi button on the router to blink until it starts.
  • Are you looking for now with the wireless device to the wireless network. To do this, you will find usually a "WPS" or "Wi-Fi"button, you must also hold for six seconds. If you cannot find such a key look in the manual of the wireless device after the connection.
  • You have activated on two devices, the mutual search, find, and the two devices connect to each other automatically.
  • Note that the connection can be made after Pressing the "WLAN"button on only in a period of 120 seconds. You have made after this time no connection, press the "Wi-Fi"button

Your Fritzbox is very slow, it can help, if you use the Fritzbox Firmware update.