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Wireless key shield and protect - how to

  • Jan 27, 2021
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You have a remote key for your car, you should shield these for your safety effectively. How to do this best, we show you in this article.

Wireless key shield – why this is important

Radio keys are practical, however they also increase the risk of theft. In modern radio keys you need to press a button to open the car. It is enough, if you approach the car door. Also the Start of the vehicle, no need for a key in the ignition.

  • However this only works as long as you are in the vicinity of the car. As soon as you remove from the vehicle, it will interrupt the wireless connection between the key and the electronics of the car.
  • However, the radio can be extended waves of your key with simple devices. Thieves need to make only a so-called Key-Scanner in the vicinity of your remote-key. It is enough to place such a device in front of your door, if your wireless key is, for example, in the hallway.
  • To another device, a Car-Scanner is placed in the vicinity of the vehicle. So the thief establishes a radio connection between the key and the car. The car thief now has access to your vehicle and it can even launch.
  • To prevent this, you should protect your wireless key, and possibly even shield.

More safety: how to protect a wireless key

With a few simple precautions you can protect your wireless key from unauthorized access. A simple measure is the location of the key within its four walls.

  • At best he should be at least three meters from the front door, but also from all of its Windows removed.
  • Quite simply, is the cooking pot method. Insert your radio keys into a cooking pot and put the lid on it. Thus, the Signal can not be passed on.
  • Just as well you can get your key in a key safe to store. These screens radio waves effectively.
  • You are on the road and in the vicinity of your parked car, protects aluminum foil the key against unauthorized access. Wrap the key in several layers of aluminum foil a.
  • Comfortable are also special protective cases, radio keys to shield.
By Shielding your wireless key, you make it a car thieves harder.
(Image: Pixabay)