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What Mainboard I have? - So you figure it out

  • Oct 03, 2019
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Which motherboard I have - this is a question probably the most, if you need spare parts or add-on modules for your Computer. This not unimportant question, however, is very easy to answer, if you use the right Tool.

Motherboard out - so it works

One of the most popular and most extensive information & diagnostic programs, SiSoft Sandra Lite, the you free can download.
  • The Free Version of Sandra has more than 60 tools to help you your System from the ground up and examine can. In addition to numerous hardware checks, you can also have the same on your Laptop and existing Software analyse.
  • Once you have installed the program on your Computer, and called, go to the "module types".
  • After "Hardware-click information", you can retrieve on the next menu, all of the relevant information on the motherboard of your notebook or PC.
  • Depending on the process may take a Moment, you get very detailed information about your motherboard, so the purchase of the right modules is no longer a Problem.
Motherboard find quickly
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