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What a Desktop PC is Simply explained

  • Aug 05, 2020
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Surely you have heard of the term "Desktop PC". What exactly is behind the term, learn a simple and understandable way in this practical tip.

What is the meaning of "Desktop PC"?

The term has been around since the year 1965, at that time still known as the "table computer".

  • "Desktop" comes from the English word "Desk" and translates as "Desk".
  • The word "Top" also comes from English and means "surface" or "upper side".
  • So is the concept put together so much as a "Desk calculator".
A classic Desktop PC
(Image: Pixabay)

Use of Desktop PCs

While more and more Laptops in the private-market mix are Desktop PCs used mostly in the commercial sector.

  • Offices in large companies mostly use a Desktop PC.
  • Crucial in these computers is that they are not directly on the Desk or workplace.
Desktop PCs in the office
(Image: Pixabay)

Differences to other PC types

The Desktop PC decides to other traditional PC-types in two clear points:

  • Desktop PCs are fixed and stealing more difficult, such as Laptops. So a decisive advantage in companies or schools.
  • Laptops come ready to work, while Desktop computers require a lot of additional Hardware, such as the mouse, keyboard and Monitor.

Similar to a Desktop PC, but nevertheless, some of the other is an All-in-One PC. What it is, you will learn in the next tip.