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Vinyl records store correctly - you should pay attention to

  • Jan 28, 2020
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If you store your records properly will increase their lifespan, and the sound quality is better. Regardless of whether you hang up regularly, your Vinyl and the LPs of your youth play: Optimal storage in everyday life or long-term Storage of your "black gold" are a Must have for any analog PVC Fan. We give you 10 tips on how you store your plates ideal.

So you are going to store vinyl records properly

  1. Store your plates, if possible, with the inner sleeve in the Cover, you will Have the inner sleeve is no longer, they prefer to buy a new one, as the plate directly to the Cover to plug in: The rough and fibrous cardboard-Cover left significantly more paper dust in the grooves.
  2. Always make sure that the Opening of the inner shell facing up. So make sure that the plate falls when you pull the Cover down. The photo shows it to you.
  3. With PVC protection sleeves to protect your vinyl records in addition to from dust and pressure points.
  4. You don't stack your plates, but set them side by side. Store your records at its best in a Cabinet, a shelf or a box, ideally with the cover opening to the Cabinet interior. So you can read the plate name and less dust penetrates the cover. In boxes, with the Cover forward, you can browse your LP collection particularly well"".
  5. If you have no space for upright LPs, stack them a maximum of 20 panels on a flat surface as possible. You can stack more plates, it can come to deformation.
  6. Put your plates are not too tight and do not squeeze these just. A permanent static pressure can warp records. Also, you need at least two Finger's width of space to their sound-boards with fingernails and to tinkering.
  7. Great heat and sound boards is detrimental to. Therefore, you don't belong in attics, in the vicinity of radiators or Windows to the South side.
  8. Moisture is damaging to the records themselves, only a little. Dangerous at high humidity, the potential for mold formation. Mold spores are unhealthy for you and can make the Deposit in the grooves of your LPs sick.
  9. If you store your plates in a room with high humidity, set the plates even less close to each other, so that the air can circulate between them. Cover your record collection then only with Blankets or towels to protect them from dust. Among plastic films can be caused by condensed humidity and lack of air circulation, a mold oven.
LP in inner sleeve and Cover

10. An often-underestimated tip for storage of records:

You way to store your record collection at the best not too far from your record player. In contrast to your digital library, Listening to records is associated with a certain effort. If you have to climb even the stairs to listen to their favorite disc, there is a great risk that you will get at some point but only in their Streaming Service. Then you can get your plates also sell.
When you make your plates of love, watch our tips for buying and Cleaning records. Your treasures for eternity to preserve it, help you our tips for the Digitizing of records and the improvement of the sound ├╝berspielter plates.