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UPnP - what is it?

  • Jan 18, 2020
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"Universal Plug and Play" - the behind the abbreviation UPnP. What you UPnP but precisely, we explain in this practical tip.

UPnP makes life a bit easier

UPnP was originally developed by Microsoft to facilitate, in particular, non-tech-savvy people life a little.
  • Thanks to the UPnP method, you need to make, in fact, in General, no more thoughts, as you connect for example a USB Stick or an external hard drive with your computer.
  • Simply plug the USB Stick into the appropriate Port on your computer and using the automatic device detection you can use the USB-Stick then.
  • The Universal Plug-and-Play method works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 without any problems. The systems detect new Hardware automatically within a few seconds.
  • Should the UPnP method, but, for once, not going to work, we can help you to the next page or in the following Video.
UPnP for the Windows calculator

Universal Plug and Play in network

Meanwhile, Microsoft has expanded the automatic device detection UPnP on network devices:
  • The devices are network capable, you can integrate by means of UPnP a TV in your network, as well as a stereo, a lamp, or the radiator thermostats. Opportunities there are now many.
  • So you set a higher example, the heating temperature on the way, or leave the lights on shortly before your Arrival is brightly lit.
  • Where there is light, there is known also shadow. Unfortunately, this convenient procedure also involves the risk that Unauthorized hack into your network, and it may be more damage will be caused.
If you have a Problem with your home network, we will show you how to use the DNS-conflict fix can.