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Toniebox not - you can do

  • Aug 07, 2020
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If your Toniebox not, you should try to isolate the error in order to find a solution to the problem. We explain to them what you can do.

Toniebox is not error to exclude

The Toniebox is an Audio-cubes for children. If a Problem occurs, you can always contact the customer support. We will tell you what you should check in advance.

  • Make sure that the Toniebox properly connected to the charging station and is charging. The full Loading of the Box takes about 3 hours. However, there is no indicator that shows you the current charge state of the Box. An orange-colored period indicates a low battery level.
  • Possible problems can exist with Wi-Fi, the Toniebox-ID or for example the battery itself. If the Box can still be turned on, error on, so-called code of signals words. Sounds from the device, for example, "Igel", this indicates a Problem with the Router. "Elephant" shows that in the Toniebox stored Wi-Fi password does not match. In the Support area (error messages) of the Tonie are 9 different code words will be described in detail.
  • Reset the Box in case of doubt completely. To do this, you plug in the charging station. Turn the Box with the ears down. Press both ears for 10 seconds, until you hear a beep and the Toniebox off. The Toniebox is then reset to its factory condition, and must be re-established. To do this, you take the Box a minute from the charger and plug it in again. A short greeting should sound from the speaker.
  • The customer support can be reached via the official Tonie website or by telephone under +49 (0)211-737 10 100. Tonie only offers a statutory warranty on. Keep your Toniebox ID.