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TomTom: language change - so it works

  • Aug 11, 2020
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You have set the language on your TomTom wrong or you want to change this for other reasons, the operation can be directly on the GPS perform. We will show you how to exactly in the TomTom do this.

Language on the TomTom Navi change

Note: Depending on the device, some of the following steps in the description and arrangement may differ slightly.
  1. Switch on your TomTom sat NAV and you can open by Pressing on the screen the menu.
  2. Here you can select the category "settings" or "options" and then "language".
  3. Are you looking for the desired language, select it and confirm the Change.
  4. Now the TomTom is speaking in the chosen language. The Change you can make, at any time, on the same way back.
  5. Do you like the voice, you can by the way, more TomTom voices free to download.
TomTom: switch language


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